Cantinoteca dei Prolo



The territory of Fara has always been devoted to viticulture, and this company has always been part of it. At the beginning of the last century, great-grandfather Giuseppe, known as "Cràvin", was already a small winemaker in Fara. After the Second World War, the baton passes to his sons, Emilio and Carlo called "I Paita". The two brothers significantly increase production, with the acquisition of many new vineyards, thus becoming a full-fledged wine company. We then arrive in the 70s when the winery passed to his son Flavio known as "al Paita" who continued the business until the end of the millennium. Today the owner Christian, after the renovation of the cellar and with the introduction of novelties such as the production of typical Farese products, will continue the centuries-old tradition of the Prolo family by introducing the company to the modern world. The energy used by the Cantinoteca dei Prolo comes exclusively from renewable sources (biomass) and photovoltaic panels; this, combined with treatments in the vineyard reduced to the bare minimum and limited to the contingent need, has allowed the company to deserve the Ecofriendly award for its commitment to safeguarding the environment.




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